In context: It's been almost three months since Apple booted Fortnite from the App Store, essentially blocking Mac and iPhone players from playing on those devices. Epic and Apple are still battling each other in the courts over their grievances, while players with V-Bucks in their wallets on those platforms wait it out.

As Epic and Apple continue to duke it out in court, Mac and iPhone Fortnite players have moved on to play on other platforms following the Chapter 2 Season 4 update. Any loot or virtual currency (V-Buck) on those accounts is essentially in limbo until the two companies can iron out their differences.

Customers have not raised too big of a stink about the frozen funds, but Epic wants to make good on the locked-up V-Bucks. Last week, the company tweeted via its Fortnite Status account that it would be granting Mac and iPhone players credit that could be used on any other platform.

It took a few days to get the grants out to all the players, but as of Monday, everyone who had money in their Fortnite profiles on Apple devices should see some early Christmas payola in their current accounts on other platforms.

Referring to it as a "bonus," Epic was unclear whether this was a straight credit transfer or a gift of credits while retaining the iOS and macOS wallets' balances. Judging by Epic's past generosity with developers, it is probably the latter. If and when Apple reinstates Fortnite, users may find their wallets untouched. We'll have to see what happens when all the dust settles, which may take years with all the back and forth we've seen so far.