Forward-looking: Ford is delving further into the world of electric vehicles with its latest announcement: the 2022 E-Transit van, an all-electric vehicle capable of driving up to 126 miles on a single charge. It hits the market next year with a $45,000 price tag, making it a compelling offering for commercial customers.

Since the new E-Transit is an EV, there's no massive engine to lug around, freeing up space for extra cargo. It has about 317 pound-feet of torque, 266 horsepower, and it's expected to be capable of carrying up to 3,800 pounds of cargo (across 487.3 cubic feet of space) before it starts to chug. That number increases to 4,290 pounds for "cutaway" versions of the vehicle.

Both AC and DC fast charging are supported here, and as Cnet reports, the E-Transit can use the latter to gain about 30 miles of range after a mere 10-minute charge. That's lightning-fast, and it could help commercial customers keep their vehicle fleets going with minimal downtime.

One particularly exciting feature with the E-Transit is its built-in power plugs toward the rear of the van. By opening up the back doors and looking to your right, you'll see an array of ports that you can use to charge devices or even run energy-guzzling power tools.

From an outward design perspective, there's nothing too fancy about the E-Transit: it looks like an ordinary van. However, that's hardly a bad thing, especially for the customers Ford is targeting here – a construction worker or delivery driver is unlikely to care about their vehicle's aesthetics.

On the inside, though, a standout feature is the 12-inch touchscreen display. It's unclear what software the display will be running (whether it's Ford's own or something like Android Auto), nor do we know all of its features, but at the very least, it will offer "enhanced voice recognition" and "cloud-enhanced navigation."

There are a handful of autopilot features included in the E-Transit, such as intelligent lane-keeping, automated emergency brakes, and adaptive cruise control with "speed sign recognition."

If none of this has sold you yet, perhaps the E-Transit's generous warranty will. When you buy one of these vehicles, you'll get an eight-year, 100,000-mile EV component warranty at no additional cost, which is a pretty good deal.