In context: Royal Panda, a company that operates a Canadian online casino, recently conducted a study among 1,001 gamers tracking their intelligence across multiple platforms and several video games. Interestingly, the results showed PlayStation users to be smarter than Xbox players. Argue amongst yourselves.

Working with academic experts, Royal Panda developed a four-part quiz that measured verbal intelligence, logical reasoning, mathematical ability, and visual reasoning. Before taking the tests, administrators asked respondents to fill out a demographics questionnaire to determine their gaming, computing, and mobile preferences.

Among consoles, PlayStation 4 users were the smartest overall, with an average IQ of 110.7. Xbox One and Switch users averaged 103.8 and 101.3, respectively. However, out of all platforms, PC gamers, perhaps unsurprisingly, came out on top with an average IQ of 112.3. Mobile users were the lowest at 99.4.

As for game preferences, it seems players of military first-person shooters are among the best thinkers. Both Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty Modern Warfare appear in the top five in intelligence (first and fourth). Among Us and Minecraft ranked second and third by IQ, and FIFA players rounded out the top five.

  • Rainbow Six Siege — 120.3 IQ
  • Among Us — 118.9 IQ
  • Minecraft — 116.3 IQ
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare — 111.2 IQ
  • FIFA — 106.5 IQ
  • Fall Guys — 105.8 IQ
  • Animal Crossing — 104.8 IQ
  • Fortnite — 103.6 IQ
  • The Sims — 103.6 IQ
  • Mario Kart — 99.9 IQ
  • Grand Theft Auto Online — 99.6 IQ
  • Assassin's Creed — 99.6 IQ
  • Rocket League — 99.3 IQ
  • Candy Crush Saga — 96.4 IQ
  • Angry Birds — 95.8 IQ

Mobile games Candy Crush and Angry Birds ranked the lowest with IQ scores of 96.4 and 95.8, respectively. Console/PC games GTA Online, Assassin's Creed, and Rocket League ranked slightly higher but still were the lowest scores on the list (99.6, 99.6, and 99.3, respectively).

Looking at the IQ levels of desktop and mobile preferences, Mac users (108.2) were slightly smarter than the Windows crowd (106.3), but iPhone owners (102.1) lagged eight points behind Android fans (110.3).

It also turns out that female gamers are smarter than males, but every non-single guy already knew that. Women averaged an IQ score of 108.4, while men ranked 102.3. They also came out on top in all four of the metrics.