In a nutshell: Most Steam users have a vast library of games, the sheer volume of which can make catching all the related news and patch notes difficult. But a feature that has been in the experimental stage since March should make things a lot easier: the personalized news hub.

The News Hub became the ninth official Steam Labs feature earlier this year. Now, it's been released in full---access it by selecting "News" from the "Store" drop-down menu. This updated news feed doesn't show the same information to everyone; instead, it offers posts from the games you play, wishlist, follow, or are recommended.

In addition to less-important info such as patch notes, the News Hub shows major updates, sales, live streams, and tournament announcements. You can also see the latest news, including YouTube videos, about your games from gaming websites using the Steam Curator system.

"The News Hub also makes it easy to explore events coming up and lets you sign up for email or mobile app reminders. Or you can just add the event to your Google Calendar or iCal so you can plan your weekend around interesting tournaments or community events," explains Valve.

If the prospect of being overwhelmed with posts related to games you never play doesn't sound appealing, Valve is letting users tailor the feature via filters. These let you select the type of posts and sources you see, along with the option to stop viewing content from followed curators and select new curators to follow from a list.

The News Hub also contains a "featured" section that contains major updates, live events, and news from the top-selling and most-played games on Steam.