In context: When Apple confirmed rumors that its newest iPhone lineup would not ship with a charger, Samsung was quick on the draw to backhandedly criticize the move on its Facebook page by pointing out the fact that its phones come with chargers. Now it is backtracking by deleting the post in question. But as we have all learned, nothing on the internet ever truly goes away.

On the same day Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 and noted that it would not include a charger, Samsung issued a post emphasizing that its phones would come with chargers. It seemed to mock Apple's move by suggesting that its phones were better in part because they include a "basic" charger.

"Your Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen on a smartphone," its posting said. "Said" because that post is no longer on its Facebook page. However, iMore captured a screenshot of it before it was deleted (below).

Nobody can be sure why Samsung deleted the post, but the most likely reason would be that the statement conflicts with what it is probably getting ready to do---that being, unbundling chargers. Rumors of Samsung planning to stop providing chargers with its phones surfaced back in October. It reportedly would start unbundling with the Galaxy S21, slated for a January 14 release.

The Korean smartphone maker has not confirmed these unbundling rumors, but removing the mocking post does reinforce the likelihood that it is considering it. With the iPhone 12 sans charger selling remarkably well, Samsung may have realized that it is just wasting money by continuing to provide one with new phones. We'll see how it plays put next month at the unveiling of the Galaxy S21.