Rumors of Samsung unbundling chargers reinforced by removal of Apple-mocking Facebook post

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In context: When Apple confirmed rumors that its newest iPhone lineup would not ship with a charger, Samsung was quick on the draw to backhandedly criticize the move on its Facebook page by pointing out the fact that its phones come with chargers. Now it is backtracking by deleting the post in question. But as we have all learned, nothing on the internet ever truly goes away.

On the same day Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 and noted that it would not include a charger, Samsung issued a post emphasizing that its phones would come with chargers. It seemed to mock Apple's move by suggesting that its phones were better in part because they include a "basic" charger.

"Your Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen on a smartphone," its posting said. "Said" because that post is no longer on its Facebook page. However, iMore captured a screenshot of it before it was deleted (below).

Nobody can be sure why Samsung deleted the post, but the most likely reason would be that the statement conflicts with what it is probably getting ready to do—that being, unbundling chargers. Rumors of Samsung planning to stop providing chargers with its phones surfaced back in October. It reportedly would start unbundling with the Galaxy S21, slated for a January 14 release.

The Korean smartphone maker has not confirmed these unbundling rumors, but removing the mocking post does reinforce the likelihood that it is considering it. With the iPhone 12 sans charger selling remarkably well, Samsung may have realized that it is just wasting money by continuing to provide one with new phones. We'll see how it plays put next month at the unveiling of the Galaxy S21.

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You've gotta love how Apple quietly nixed chargers with new phones and then uses "Earth friendliness" to mask their obvious attempt to make more profit.

But since all these other companies know that apple's fanbase is untouchable, they then copy Apple yet again and do the same thing.

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IMO removing chargers at this mature stage of smartphone market makes sense. Who doesn't have a dozen usb chargers at this stage lying around? They rarely break, so there simply isn't the need for every phone to bundle one.

However, the way for Samsung to manage the transition would be to offer separate SKU's with and without chargers, and make the non-charger one $10 cheaper. If the majority opt to save $10 and not get a charger, then use that as justification for not continuing the SKU with the bundled charger, just as companies remove non-selling SKU's normally. That way, Samsung can still say they gave people choice, but that people voted with their dollars.

People's issue with Apple's approach was a continuation of the Apple 'we know what is good for you' mindset, rather than providing a choice. It also came across as an obvious margin-seeking move on a item with a massive profit margin already. Selling a slightly cheaper SKU without a charger whilst still selling the bundled charger SKU would have given consumers options should they wish to reduce e-waste.


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Every time Apple does something extremely anti-consumer, Samsung calls them out on it, and then copies it almost immediately. It's pathetic! Samsung looks like the unintelligent ***** that copies everyone elses homework. I own a Note 20 Ultra too, but them doing this just makes me not want to.


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Never again Samesung. I'd rather go Apple route than buy from you again. First headphone jack, now this.
I made the switch to Pixel phones and I couldn't be happier. Stock android is the best mobile OS I've used and I've used just about all of them (including windows phone....).


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How is anyone upset over this. .. so not important. if they tell you there isnt a charger u buy one at the same time....


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It is a good thing for developed countries. Sooner or later we will not be able to pretend that the islands of garbage aren't floating in the oceans. We are making it better, but a serious question is, will large developing countries change fast enough before the entire planet looks like a garbage dump.
I remember when companies started to sell goods in single unpainted boxes. I still find them ugly, but I understand why. And support any company that does this.


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After Samsung covered up the touch screen/wireless charging hardware issues on the S20 series, I will never buy from them again despite them being my only choice for the last decade.


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Never again Samesung. I'd rather go Apple route than buy from you again. First headphone jack, now this.

Don't you have chargers from before? For what it's worth, I'm sure they'll remove the $20 cost of the charger from the $1200-$1400 total.


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Samsung in the past included decent fast chargers with their phones. That is something I always appreciated.

My latest phone isn't a Samsung but a One+ 7 Pro. It included the Warp Charger with it which gave me the ability to charge the phone super fast out of the box. It's a 6 amp charger. <1 hour charge to 100%. It's insane. They sell the same charger online for $30. To include it with my phone and get the warp charging out of box was great!

What I'm concerned about is people aren't going to know which charger they have to buy to get the fast charging speeds for their phones with several different speed charging technologies out there. They may not get the "Advertised" charging speeds because they are using the wrong charger. Consumers will probably end up calling tech support, requesting a new phone, or returning the phone because it doesn't "perform as advertised." Or they may turn to third party chargers costing Samsung and other phone manufacturers sales. If people call Samsung tech support, it will cost them money. If they return the phone because it isn't charging as advertised it will cost Samsung money. If people buy cheaper third party chargers that work just as well if not better than OEM ones Samsung will lose a potential sale. If other manufacturers are including powerful chargers such as One+ out of box; it could cause Samsung to lose a potential sale.

When chargers are bundled with phones consumers can search for their charger's model number and order more of the OEM model because they know that charger works and is designed for their phone.

Let's see how this pans out.


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I don't so much mind the usea of not shipping chargers, considering I have a couple multi-port chargers now, plus one in the wall outlet.

What bothers me is the *OTHER* trends in place now. Such as removing headset jacks and not having removable storage support. Especially the bit with removable storage. With the cellular overage fees, and Cr*pcast deciding to put usage caps company-wide, requiring me to use "online" or "cloud" storage just doesn't play in my book.

mark kram

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Whatever happened to the (any) company's usual policy of recommendation to "use only the original charger" that came with the phone?
The next logical step is to put a chip into each charger so the phone can only use one charger.


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The next logical step is to put a chip into each charger so the phone can only use one charger.

That's what they *used* to do, where phones would complain (or not even charge at all) if you tried to use a third-party charger. If there were still any benefit to them to continue doing so, you know they still would.

But these days the big-money is in forcing you to use "cloud" storage, so they will continue to forbid you to use local storage. (and the removal of the headphone jack is just stinginess; can't be cutting into the CEO's Donut-and-Sushi budget now).