What just happened? Cyberpunk 2077 players now have one less thing to worry about after CD Projekt Red released Hotfix 1.06. The latest patch brings significant improvements to both the console and PC versions of the game. In the case of the latter platform, it fixes the save file corruption bug.

Earlier this week, reports arrived of an issue in Cyberpunk 2077's PC and Stadia versions that causes save game files to corrupt if they exceed 8MB in size. CD Projekt Red recommended that players try to keep a lower number of items and crafting materials. It also advised against using the item duplication glitch and not to load any save files affected by it.

CD Projekt Red writes that Hotfix 1.06 removes the 8MB save file size limit on the PC, though it doesn't mention Stadia. The company notes that previously damaged save files cannot be recovered, which comes as bad news for those who have lost hours of progress. "Further investigation why the save files are bigger than expected is ongoing," it notes on the GOG support page.

On consoles, the patch improves memory management and stability, reducing the number of crashes players experience. It also addresses a bug on all platforms in which Dum Dum goes missing from Totentanz entrance during the Second Conflict quest.

Hotfix 1.06 is 993MB on PC. On the Xbox and PlayStation, it's a massive 15 - 17GB.

Despite GameStop becoming the latest retailer to accept refunds for copies of Cyberpunk 2077, even if they've been opened, the game sold over 13 million copies in the ten days following launch and remains a top-seller.