Something to look forward to: For those who enjoy HDR content but don’t always watch it in darkened rooms, there's a new Samsung feature that will improve the viewing experience no matter what the lighting conditions. An expansion of the HDR10+ format, HDR10+ Adaptive offers scene-by-scene optimization based on an environment’s lighting conditions.

HDR10+ Adaptive works by using a TV’s light sensor and adjusting the picture based on the light quality it detects. It will arrive in Samsung’s “upcoming QLED products,” but there’s no word on whether it will be rolled out to its existing models via an update.

The feature also works with Filmmaker Mode, a setting that automatically disables any post-processing a TV may have, including motion smoothing that causes the soap opera effect.

While rival HDR format Dolby Vision enjoys more support than HDR10+, Samsung points to Amazon Prime as a service that automatically delivers all HDR content in the latter standard.

“With HDR10+ and Filmmaker mode, Prime Video content is optimized regardless of the viewing environment and customers can enjoy movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended,” the company writes, adding that more HDR10+ content will be arriving on OTT services globally.

“We are delighted to offer smart picture quality solutions that will enhance consumers’ at-home HDR viewing experience, bringing original-quality cinematic experience to our consumers around the world,” said Younghun Choi, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

Dolby also has its own rival feature going up against HDR10+ Ambient. Shown off at CES 2020, Dolby Vision IQ promises per-frame HDR optimization based on a room’s lighting. It’s already appeared in some Panasonic and LG televisions, including the Panasonic HZ2000.

It’s been a busy month for Samsung. The company recently revealed its 110-inch MicroLED 4K television (above), which offers all the benefits of OLED with none of the drawbacks. Rival LG, meanwhile, announced its upcoming 4K/8K QNED TVs with Mini LED.