In context: Sony first gave us a glimpse of God of War: Ragnarok during its PlayStation 5 Showcase in September to show off the potential of its next-gen console. The game is slated for release on PS5 sometime this year, but that's about all we officially know.

In a livestream earlier this week, former Santa Monica Studios game director David Jaffe chatted with viewers on a range of topics while he played Cory Barlog's version of God of War. One fan asked if he thought God of War: Ragnarok would be cross-generational.

"Oh, I'm sure the next God of War will be PS4/PS5," Jaffe opined. "Of course it will. I mean, Jim Ryan has pretty much said as much."

Although he was merely giving his opinion, it began circulating around social media as if it were fact. Jaffe did not like that his comments were given more weight than they deserved. Not one to mince words, the former director of the original God of War and God of War II issued a colorful response clarifying that his remarks were only his opinion and that he has "zero knowledge" of Sony's plans for the game.

Warning: Strong language.

Folks likely gave Jaffe's opinion more authority simply because of his previous work on the franchise. However, he has not worked for Santa Monica Studios since 2007. Although he still retained a relationship with Sony after founding his own studio, Eat Sleep Play, he eventually left the company in 2012. So he really does not have an inside scoop on the inner workings of Ragnarok.

We're not sure what reports of Jim Ryan "saying as much" Jaffe is referencing. The last official word from Sony about whether PS4 players would get the game was a big fat, "no comment." In November, The Telegraph asked the Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO if God of War: Ragnarok would also be released on the PlayStation 4.

"Sorry. I've got nothing to say about that today," Ryan replied.

That said, Jaffe's opinion is not without merit. Even though Sony has begun discontinuing the PlayStation 4, it recently announced that it would remain committed to producing games for the PS4 for years to come. If GOWR is not cross-generational on release, it is hard to see it not making its way to the PlayStation 4 eventually.