What just happened? Super Nintendo World, a sprawling area at Universal Studios Japan dedicated to Nintendo's popular Mario franchise, won't open to the public as scheduled on February 4, 2021, due to a third major wave of Covid-19. The Tokyo Olympic games, also rescheduled to take place this summer, could be at risk of being postponed for the second time if the situation doesn't improve soon.

According to The Japan Times, officials in the region recently expanded the country's state of emergency to seven additional prefectures including Osaka, where Universal Studios Japan is located. The order, meant to slow the spread of Covid-19, is now active in 11 of Japan's 47 prefectures.

As a result, the theme park operator postponed the opening of Super Nintendo World.

Universal Studios Japan said it will decide and announce a new grand opening date once the state of emergency has been lifted. As of yesterday, the state of emergency is set to expire on February 7.

Nintendo's theme park zone isn't the only major attraction at risk. As Reuters highlights, there's mounting public opposition with regard to Tokyo hosting the delayed Olympic games this summer.

Per a recent NHK survey, just 16 percent of those polled believe the Olympics should be held this year. The Games were originally scheduled to be hosted last summer but were postponed due to the pandemic.