What just happened? You can now skin your Fortnite avatar as a T-800 or Sarah Connor, characters from the Terminator franchise. The cosmetics are now available in the Item Shop. The pop culture icons join the already introduced Mandalorian and the Predator from that other Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Many more famous "bounty hunters" are slated to crossover this season.

On Wednesday, the PlayStation Store prematurely advertised a Terminator skin bundle for Fortnite. It showed that both a Sarah Connor and a T-800 avatar was (or soon would be) available. Sony quickly removed the ad, but not before users had captured screenshots and posted them to Twitter.

On Thursday, Epic teased the Terminator crossover in an "Incoming Transmission." Later, it posted a full reveal (masthead video) showing the T-800 endoskeleton being rescued from the smelter by Jonesy. The nod to the iconic ending scene from T2 concludes with the same marketing graphic that the PlayStation Store leaked the day before. As of Friday, the bundle is available in the Fortnite Item Shop.

Sarah and T-800 join a cast of bounty hunters pulled into Fortnite Season 5 from multiple 'realities' by Jonesy. Other notable crossovers, both rumored and already announced, include the Mandalorian, God of War's Kratos, the Predator, Halo's Master Chief, Geralt of Rivia, Lara Croft, and Neo from the Matrix trilogy.

Epic hinted at these upcoming hunters with an image (above) containing items representing the characters Jonesy is seeking. Note the red and blue candies (Matrix reference?), the sunglasses (Terminator: just confirmed), the bag of coins ("toss a coin to your Witcher"), and the leather bag (for raiding tombs?)---Lara Croft has been all but confirmed with hints within the game.

There is also the mud mask, clearly a nod to the already introduced Predator skin and NPC. Others have speculated that the ant farm may reference Ant Man, and the red face paint might indicate an appearance by Kratos. What other crossovers can you deduce from the image?