In context: Anytime the modding community gets its hands on a new game, sex and nude mods are almost inevitable. Modders are still getting their feet wet with Cyberpunk 2077, but Nexus had to pull a recent sex mod that allowed players to "do it" with Keanu Reeves, despite it being rated-PG.

Modders have been tinkering with Cyberpunk 2077 practically since day one. CD Projekt Red usually encourages community mods for its games. In fact, it just released its official Modding Support Tools on Wednesday. However, there is one thing the studio is asking modders to stop doing---can you please not turn Johnny Slverhand into a joytoy?

Earlier this week, Eurogamer detailed how some modders are customizing sex scenes by swapping joytoy (Night City sex worker) models with a variety of other NPCs, including Johnny Silverhand, who is portrayed by Keanu Reeves. In Johnny's case---or any model based on an IRL person---CD Projekt Red says, "don't do it."

"Our most important rule regarding user-generated content, game mods, in particular, is that it can't be harmful towards others," CDPR said in a statement to PC Gamer. "In the case of model swaps, especially those that involve explicit situations, it can be perceived as [harmful] by the people who lent us their appearance for the purpose of creating characters in Cyberpunk 2077."

The Keanu Reeves sex mod was up on Nexus Mods for only about a day before getting pulled. It isn't that the customized sex scenes are too explicit. On the contrary, the swapped in NPC models are fully clothed (for the time being), so the sex is even tamer than it already was. The problem is that CDPR does not want to create a situation where real-world actors are put into sexual scenarios that were not in the script.

Reeves does have a legitimate sex scene in the game. It plays out from Johnny Silverhand's perspective in a segment that allows the player to semi-control the mercenary rock star. The scene is virtual, of course, meaning that Reeves did not actually perform the act in a mo-cap studio or anything. However, he did agree to this scene when he accepted the script. Anything beyond that could potentially lead to legal issues that CDPR would rather avoid. The game maker added that there is one exception.

"When making fan content, creators have to make sure they've got permission from all the concerned parties (which might be people other than CD PROJEKT RED). For the characters we've invented for the game, we broadly permit you to tweak the game at will and just have fun. When it comes to models of real people whom we've asked to participate in the game, we kindly ask you to refrain from using them in any situation that might be found offensive if you don't have their explicit permission."

So if you happen to have Keanu or Hideo Kojima (yes, he's in the game briefly, image above) on speed dial, you might have a chance at talking them into it. Otherwise, please don't attempt having "not-sex" with Keanu Reeves.