Found: A South Korean a cappella group that calls itself MayTree has released a video (above) demonstrating its interpretations of iPhone sound effects. As silly as that sounds, some of the iconic melodies the quintet produces are so accurate you can barely tell they are not the real deal.

The group performs 12 iPhone sounds, including the Opening (default), Marimba, and Strum ringtones. However, the vocalists didn't limit themselves to only melodies. MayTree also mimicked system sounds like the low battery notification, sent and received messages, and the lock-screen click.

Renditions of iPhone sound effects are not the only quirky vocalizations MayTree has performed. Last month, it released a video of Windows sounds (below). Check out its channel for other crazily accurate covers, including the Super Mario and Tetris OSTs or a medley of movie intros. The group also has videos of some of its more original performances. They are really quite talented.

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