Bottom line: With Live Rooms, Instagram envisions creators being able to host talk shows, conduct more informative Q&As or hold jam sessions with other artists. The social network further notes that going live is a great way to increase your reach, as guests' followers can also be notified when doing so.

Instagram on Monday introduced a new feature called Live Rooms that allows up to four users to livestream on the platform simultaneously. Until now, the app only allowed users to co-stream with one other person, much like Facebook Live.

Instagram said it hopes the new feature will open the door for more creative opportunities. Indeed, given the current climate, that certainly seems feasible.

When the pandemic ramped up early last year, live streaming platforms skyrocketed in popularity as people sought solutions to remain connected while physically apart. Creators in particular leaned heavily into streaming platforms in hopes of supplementing income lost due to live gigs being canceled.

Full details on how to start and use a Live Room can be found over on the Instagram website.

Live Rooms is only the first step; Instagram said it is also working on tools like moderator controls and new audio features that should launch in the coming months. Live Rooms should be available globally for all users soon, we're told.

Masthead courtesy Zaur Rahimov