WTF?! Do you spend a lot of hours on Minecraft and would like to be paid for your creativity? It sounds unlikely, but a UK firm really is looking to hire virtual landscapers for the best-selling game of all time, and it pays around $70 per hour.

As reported by CNN, the offer comes from UK company Whatshed?, which describes itself as Britain's biggest and best garden buildings buyers guide. The ad seeks "to recruit a collective of virtual landscape gardeners to provide professional advice to players looking to improve their in-game outdoor space."

The required key skills include a working knowledge of Minecraft---naturally---communication skills, creative flair, and a passion for gardening/the outdoors. It's a remote position, so will presumably be open to applicants worldwide, and while not essential, previous experience in landscape gardening is beneficial.

The £50 (~$70) per hour job involves evaluating a client's current setup and providing creative feedback, creating multiple designs for any potential future revamps. The successful candidate must also ensure clients stay within their budgets, which appears to be referring to Minecoin, the in-game currency.

If you happen to be a Minecraft player who's never going to create a Cyberpunk 2077-inspired city or a Harry Potter-style map, you can hire Whatshed's virtual landscaper, receiving an hour-long consultation and mock-up designs.

You can already hire people through platforms such as Fiverr to create Minecraft landscapes such as the one at the top of this page, designed by dahwolfie.

No word on the interview process or how long the position will be available, but interested parties should apply asap---expect many people to go after this one.

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