A hot potato: In case you're interested to know if your phone number is among the 553 million that were part of the Facebook leak, there a few ways to check. The "Have I been pwned?" website is one such resource, and there's also a dedicated page from "The News Each Day" or the "Have I Been Facebooked?" website, but wait, we cannot guarantee that these won't log your phone number for unknown purposes either.

Last weekend, 553 million Facebook users had their data leaked to a hacker forum. Despite including personal data such as phone numbers, full name, birthdate, email addresses, and more, Facebook isn't notifying those affected.

Facebook hasn't issued an official statement regarding the situation yet. Liz Bourgeois, who is in charge of response communications at Facebook, stated that "this is old data that was previously reported on in 2019" and that the vulnerability was patched in August 2019, but that didn't stop a hacker from uploading 20GB of data from 553 million individuals to the Internet.

If you want to check if your phone number has been compromised, you can either download the 20GB database through a torrent file or use one of the various websites which allow you to check if your phone number is included in the leak.

There are at least three websites where you can enter your phone number for that purpose. The most trusted of the bunch is haveibeenpwned.com, managed by Troy Hunt, an Australian Microsoft regional director and Microsoft MVP for developer security.

"The News Each Day" website also has a system to check if your phone number was leaked, but it only works for U.S. and Australian phone numbers. Moreover, you can also go to haveibeenfacebooked.com.

It's worth mentioning that we can't guarantee that these websites won't log your phone number. Writing your phone number on an unknown website may cause you some problems later on. And in case your number has indeed been part of the leak, beware of spam and SMS messages you might receive.