Recap: MST3K is an American comedy series that dates back to the late 80s. The show originally starred a janitor (Hodgson) that was forced to watch low-budget films and riff on them. It's gone through multiple starts and stops over the years, with Netflix picking it up for a couple of seasons in 2017 following its first Kickstarter run.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is staging a comeback. Again.

Series creator Joel Hodgson is returning to the well that is Kickstarter in an attempt to fund the creation of additional episodes, but Hodgson isn't stopping there. In short, his idea is to put the community in control of the future of MST3K:

  • If enough of you want more MST3K, maybe we don't need anyone to renew us.
  • From now on, we want you to decide how long MST3K keeps going.
  • We don't need a network to "let us" make more MST3K. We can make it for you.
  • When we do, you should be the first ones to see it.

Rather than having to rely on a distribution partner to allow them to keep going, he wants to create an online theater called the Gizmoplex to host live screenings, premieres and special events.

The idea of distributing the show independently isn't as "out there" as it might have been just a decade ago, and there's already a lot of support for the project. As of this writing, nearly 9,800 backers have pledged more than $1.8 million of the $2 million initial goal and there's still 29 days to go.

Stretch goals will allow for the creation of additional episodes and shorts, platform-specific Gizmoplex apps and live events.