Why it matters: Many years ago, video games were considered a pastime reserved for younger people---something you "grow out of." That outdated view changed, thankfully, and today we're seeing more people over the age of 50 enjoying games than ever before.

According to a new report from GWI (via Gamesindustry.biz), the number of gamers aged between 55 - 64 (aka Baby Boomers) has grown 32% since 2018. The puzzle/platform genre is the favorite among this demographic (27%), followed by shooters (24%) then adventure/open-world (22%).

Looking at a broader age range, it's revealed that 32% of Gen X and Boomers (ages 38 - 64) who use the internet play games every day; that's only 5 percent less than Gen Z and millennials (ages 16 - 37). Another stereotype that no longer rings true is that that most gamers are single males. Just 3% more male participants play games daily than females, and 33% of both sexes are married.

Elsewhere, it's found that 86% of internet users play games, and 24% of grandparents and parents see playing games together as family time.

"Gamers are often portrayed in the media in a certain way, but as with many stereotypes, they aren't necessarily who you think they are," said David Melia, VP of sports and gaming at Global Web Index.

The pandemic has played a big part in the video game boom. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, 30% of those surveyed in the US and UK say they are playing games more than before. The report also asked which ninth-gen console people were planning to buy. Sony's PS5 (55%) leads the Xbox Series X (30%)---not that finding either machine is easy right now.

Masthead image credit: oneinchpunch