The big picture: John Legere was instrumental in pulling T-Mobile out of the slumps, and really, he helped revolutionize the entire mobile industry. Those actions didn't go unnoticed by T-Mobile as the company compensated him handsomely upon his departure.

Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced in late 2019 that he would be leaving the company the following year and made good on that promise on April 1, 2020 - the same day T-Mobile completed its merger with Sprint.

In a recent filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, T-Mobile revealed that Legere had a base salary of $600,000 in 2020 for his three months of service. He also received $136,545,887 in severance payments which consisted of cash payments, accelerated equity vesting upon termination and 18 months of health insurance coverage.

He even received nearly $40,000 in reimbursement for moving expenses.

Legere has largely stayed out of the spotlight over the last year. While still active on Twitter, he hasn't announced any major career moves since leaving T-Mobile. At age 62 and with his severance package alone, he could comfortably ride off into the sunset... but people like him don't have a history of being idle for very long.

Image credit Vadi Fuoco