WTF?! Artificial intelligence is advancing at a rate so fast that it verges on concerning. While a recently published patent from Sony doesn't have the potential to threaten humanity, hopefully, it's still one of those WTF moments: an AI that plays games for you and in your own distinct style.

As reported by Segment Next, Sony's patent covers a technology that trains a bot in the user's playstyle. The AI starts with a basic set of behaviors that evolve as it monitors the player's actions and decisions. The result is a bot that plays in a way indistinguishable from the person that trained its neural network.

You might be wondering, "what's the point?" Who would buy a game only to let a machine play for them? But there are some interesting applications, such as being able to walk away from the keyboard/controller to go to the bathroom and letting the AI take over. The feature would be helpful in online games that can't be paused, though it could lead to a scenario of multiplayer titles filled exclusively with bots battling each other.

The AI may also benefit players with accessibility needs who require assistance in certain sections. Maybe it could be set away grinding while players do something less tedious, too.

Other parts of the patent describe a game notifying players struggling to complete a task it could help them with, which sounds like a version of Clippy that's actually useful. If the AI also finds the objective too difficult, it can automatically search online guides for help, mimicking the actions of a real person.

As with all patents, there's no guarantee this one will become a reality, and even if it does, don't expect to be able to call on the AI version of you for help anytime soon.

Image credit: Jinning Li