Recap: Domino's is bringing back its 80s-era mascot for another run, both on the advertising scene and in video game fashion. The Noid, for those old enough to remember, was an advertising character created for the pizza chain in the mid-80s. Dressed in a red body suit with bunny ears, his primary objective was to prevent the physical delivery of Domino's pizzas to customers.

The campaign was a success, ultimately leading to the creation of two video games based on the character including Yo! Noid, a 2D action platformer from Capcom that launched on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990.

The Noid has made plenty of appearances in pop culture over the years and even appeared in a Facebook game back in 2011 that rewarded winners with free pizza, but he hasn't been used by Domino's marketing in quite some time... until now.

Domino's has brought back its ad icon in a new TV spot that sees the antihero attempting to disrupt a self-driving pizza delivery vehicle (a Nuro R2). And starting on May 7, the Noid will join Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! as one of the game's mini bosses.

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