Something to look forward to: After remastering the 2007 Crysis, Crytek and Saber Interactive have decided to give the same treatment to the other two games in the trilogy. We're particularly excited about Crysis 2 Remastered, as the original version released in 2011 felt like a visual downgrade.

When Crytek revealed that a remastered version of the original Crysis would hit all platforms last year, including the lowly Nintendo Switch, people were equally enthusiastic and skeptical about how it would look and perform.

The biggest improvement was the addition of software ray tracing for non-RTX graphics cards and last generation consoles. Of course, the developers were quick to point out that running the game with ray tracing enabled at 4K would barely net 30 frames per second on the beefiest graphics cards, but what they really meant was that even without ray tracing, there were some technical limitations that make Crysis Remastered very sensitive to single-threaded CPU performance.

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Crytek and Saber Interactive have tried to address this and various other issues in several patches, and so far many of the smaller annoyances have been fixed.

Today, Crytek announced that it's hard at work remastering Crysis 2 and Crysis 3, both of which will hit PC and consoles this fall. The release will actually include the entire Crysis Remastered trilogy, but you'll also be able to buy the two titles separately if you've already bought the first.

For consoles, there will be a base version for PS4/PS4 Pro/Xbox One/Xbox One X that will run at 30 frames per second, while new consoles will run the game at a higher frame rate with a detail level closer to the "Can it run Crysis" graphical setting on PC.

Seeing as Crysis Remastered launched as an Epic Store timed exclusive last year, this could also be the case with the upcoming two games. Either way, we'll finally be able to play the full trilogy optimized for modern hardware -- minus the perspective of Michael "Psycho" Sykes from Crysis Warhead.