Editor's take: Retro gaming enthusiasts have plenty of vintage hardware to run classic games on, but now there's a compelling modern solution that looks quite intriguing from a pure engineering standpoint. We don't yet know how it performs, but it certainly has our attention.

Multi-GPU video cards have been around for decades, but I'm betting you haven't seen one quite like this.

YouTuber Michael Dale recently shared an unboxing of a custom-designed graphics card featuring both a 3Dfx Voodoo 3 "Avenger" GPU and a PowerVR PCX2 on the same PCB. The Frankenstein creation is the brainchild of Anthony Zxclxiv, who apparently sells the cards over Facebook.

This particular model is known as the Lost Joker 2. It's a PCI-based card with a 16MB Voodoo 3 3500 clocked at 183MHz alongside the PCX2 ticking along at 66MHz with 4MB of RAM.

The package consists of an all-black PCB with two passive heatsinks accompanied by various components scattered around the board. Around back is a VGA pass-thru so you can install it alongside a primary graphics adapter. There's even an on-board jumper that allows you to overclock the PCX2 to 80MHz.

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The board also has what looks to be a three-pin header, presumably for an optional cooling fan. Rigging up some sort of active cooling probably wouldn't be a bad idea, especially if you plan to run the PCX2 overclocked.

Unfortunately, Dale's video is just an unboxing, although he promises to do a follow-up video with a build featuring the Lost Joker 2 in the future.