What just happened? Samsung has introduced an upgraded version of its modular display system, dubbed The Wall. Described as its most immersive and versatile display yet by senior VP of Samsung's display business, Hyesung Ha, the 2021 The Wall can be configured to span more than 1,000 inches and project 16K resolution imagery (15,360 x 2,160 pixels). Optionally, it can show four different content sources simultaneously in picture-by-picture mode, all in 4K resolution.

The massive display, which largely targets advertisers, additionally features a 120Hz refresh rate and LEDs that are up to 40 percent smaller than those used in last year's model. The latter, according to Samsung, increases the pure black space between pixels, effectively boosting color uniformity and picture contrast.

It also packs a new micro AI processor that taps into 16 different neural network models to help optimize picture quality.

Samsung said The Wall can be installed in a variety of positions including inclined, hanging or on a ceiling, just to name a few. Given its sheer size (and no doubt, eye-watering price tag), you're likely only going to see a display like this in large public spaces like airports, or maybe even at trade shows

Samsung's The Wall 2021 is now available in select markets, although you'll need to reach out to Samsung's display solution sales team for more information and to get a quote.