In brief: Are you looking for some older but still fun games to play without putting a hand in your virtual wallet? Then here's some good news: Amazon Prime subscribers can grab the standard edition of Battlefield 1 right now, with Battlefield V going gratis on August 2.

From now up until August 4, members of Prime Gaming, which is free to Prime subscribers, can grab the PC version of Battlefield 1 for nothing. It's redeemable through Origin via the Origin Store or Origin Client.

Battlefield 1 (2016) takes the action to World War 1, where those who prefer doing things solo can enjoy six separate "War Stories," excellent mini-campaigns shown through the eyes of separate allied soldiers from different nationalities. But the main attraction is that 64-person multiplayer mode.

The game's successor, Battlefield V, arrives on Prime Gaming on Monday, August 2. You may remember that Battlefield V was the first game to support real-time ray tracing when it arrived back in 2018, and its World War II setting still looks good today. It sold 7.3 million copies by the end of 2018, though it was still fewer than half of what Battlefield 1 managed during the same period.

With Battlefield 2042 scheduled to release on October 22, this is a good opportunity to reconnect with the Battlefield series.

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