Why it matters: All-in-one liquid coolers featuring their own displays aren't a new phenomenon, but this one from Barrowch stands out from the crowd. Not only does it offer a 1440p resolution, but it also has an HDMI input.

As reported by Tom's Hardware, the CPU block on Barrowch's water cooling kit features a 2.9-inch,1440 x 1440 display. That works out at over 700 pixels per inch (PPI), more that the highest PPI currently found in a smartphone: the OnePlus 9 Pro's 526 PPI.

The LCD screen, which uses a 5V micro USB interface for power, displays the usual CPU and GPU temperature monitoring. It also works with the AIDA64 system information and diagnostic tool to provide more detailed information.

For those who want to utilize the 1440p display for something other than stats, there's an HDMI input, allowing it to double as a tiny monitor.

Even without the fancy screen, the AIO kit alone looks enticing. It uses a 240mm radiator with dual RGB 120mm fans, complete with snazzy RGB lighting. It's also equipped with a 17W high-lift pump and a reservoir, and the coolant level can be seen through a transparent acrylic window.

Elsewhere, there's a multi-directional water inlet and separated function interface for independently controlling all the pump's functions. Buyers can also add their own cooling hardware to the kit to create a fully customized cooling loop.

Barrowch's cooling kit will support the AMD AM4 socket and Intel's LGA 115x and LGA 2011 sockets. No word yet on pricing or availability. For comparison, the Asus ROG Ryujin 360, which features an OLED screen, is around $290.