What just happened? Fractal Design's recently released Torrent PC case has been receiving rave reviews, but the company has issued a warning for owners to unplug the included fan hub immediately following reports of a potential short circuit hazard.

The $190 mid-tower Torrent has been praised for its low noise levels, plentiful airflow, and amazing thermal performance, winning awards and high scores from numerous review sites. Unfortunately, Fractal Design says some of the Nexus 9P Slim fan hubs were damaged during the manufacturing process, potentially causing a short circuit.

"We remain committed to the quality of our products, and the Nexus 9P Slim Fan Hub included with the Torrent does not live up to the standards customers expect from us," Fractal Design said in the announcement. "Our development team is working tirelessly to design and manufacture an updated version that will address these issues as soon as possible."

Fractal Design is now asking owners to unplug the fan hub. There are instructions on how to do so here, though it just involves disconnecting any fans, removing three screws, and releasing the zip ties holding the cables. You can fill in this form for a free replacement kit---just make sure to include the serial number, located underneath the case and between the front two feet.

The company has paused sales of the Torrent until an updated fan hub can be included. While the case can still be used without a hub, Fractal says it is working with retail partners to ensure owners who don't want to wait for a replacement can get a refund quickly and easily.