In a nutshell: The sheer creativity of custom PC modders knows no bounds. But this one is probably the most meta design you'll ever see: a PC designed to look like a PC gamer's room.

As reported by PC Gamer, the rig is the work of Suchao Modding & Design, run by Suchao Prowphong out of Thailand, and was produced in partnership with Intel for its Gamer Days 2021 event. It was one of four custom desktop PCs offered as a prize for the Technovation charity draw.

There are some fantastic effects on display that utilize the PC's components. The aquarium, for example, is actually the coolant reservoir, and the way the motherboard and hard piping integrate with the room's design is spectacular.

The ROG Strix RTX 3060 Ti graphics card doubles as a desk, and the 650W Thermaltake PSU is on the outside, acting as a condenser. There's also a working Intel NUC that uses a Celeron J3455, a gaming chair, snacks, coke, furniture, books, figures, a PS5, a Nintendo Switch-style TV on the wall, and much more. It even appears that the arcade cabinet's screen can change to some extent.

You can check out the extensive build log on Facebook. It shows how some of the structure was 3D printed and hand-painted. As for the PC itself, it features an Intel Core i7 11700K, an Asus Strix B560-I Gaming Wifi mini-ITX motherboard, 16GB of RGB Thermaltake RAM running at 4400 MHz, and a 1TB Intel M.2 SSD. The cooling loop, meanwhile, uses Thermaltake, Corsair, and Pacific parts.

The work that must have gone into this build is mind-boggling. It certainly puts to shame those of us who struggle to get their cable management looking neat and tidy.