The big picture: Humble Bundle this week announced it has raised more than $200 million for its various charity partners since the concept was first conceived more than a decade ago. Here's to hoping the next $200 million comes even faster.

The first “Humble Bundle” launched way back in 2010, allowing gamers to name their price for a collection of indie-developed games and allocate however much of the purchase price they wanted to charity. This first effort attracted more than 130,000 people, prompting founder Jeff Rosen to launch a second Humble Indie Bundle.

Rosen and fellow Wolfire Games employee John Graham quickly realized the potential of what they had going on, and spun the project off into a separate venture that’s been in operation ever since.

Things changed in 2017, however, when Ziff Davis subsidiary IGN Entertainment purchased Humble Bundle for an undisclosed sum. A couple of years later, both Rosen and Graham exited.

Earlier this year, Humble Bundle announced it would soon be taking a mandatory 15-30 percent cut of sales off the top. This change, the company said, was necessary due to the evolving landscape of the PC storefront. “The update will allow us to continue to offer great prices on amazing games, books and software all while supporting important charitable initiatives with every single purchase,” Humble said this past July.

Regarding the $200 million milestone, Humble thanked the community for what they’ve been able to do thus far and said it looked forward to helping raise the next $200 million for global and local charities.

A quick check of Humble's site reveals several ongoing bundles, including the Tropico 20th anniversary bundle featuring eight pieces of content currently going for a minimum of $12.02 and the Fall VR Emporium bundle that includes seven games starting at just $15.