The big picture: Do you own an older Mac computer and look forward to trying out the latest version of macOS---Monterey? You may want to reel in that excitement. Reports are arriving of the machines being bricked as soon as the new operating system is installed.

MacRumors reports there are at least ten separate posts on Apple Support Communities from owners complaining that macOS Monterey has killed their computers. Some users say it happened once the OS was installed, while others report that their Mac screens went completely black during the installation process and never recovered.

Most of the Macs in question are older models. However, there are reports of the same issue affecting a MacBook Pro from 2019 and even an Intel-based 16-inch MacBook Pro from 2020; it appears that Macs containing Apple silicon are avoiding the problems.

"MacBook pro 2019 after monterey update the computer won't turn on at all," wrote one user. "Tried the usual suspects (pram, pressing command-option-r etc.) but nothing. Computer is also perfectly powered but nothing, no chime, no harddrive sound just a dead computer after the monterey update. Seems like a computer without power but it is fully powered. [sic]"

The issue doesn't appear to affect every older Mac device. One person wrote that while Monterey bricked their 2017 iMac, it worked okay on their 2015 MacBook Air---though it did require a couple of installation attempts on the latter.

Some users suggest that those affected try reviving or restoring their Mac's firmware, which Apple advises in a support document. The good news is that Apple says it will be releasing an update soon to resolve the issues, though exactly how someone would install it on a bricked Mac is unclear.

This isn't new territory for Apple. There were numerous reports of macOS 11, aka Big Sur, killing older machines when it arrived last year. While the Monterey problem doesn't appear as widespread---yet---it's still a concern for those with Macs that lack M1 chips.