Something to look forward to: We still don't know what the PS5's virtual companion will cost, nor when it's arriving. However, Sony shared some useful info about the upcoming hardware at CES, confirming names for the headset and controllers, as well as detailing their specs and features that will enable 4K HDR gaming with foveated rendering and 90/120Hz refresh rates. Sony also shared a glimpse of a new Horizon-based VR title currently in the works for the PS VR2.

Sony's official specs for the PS VR2 are pretty much in line with rumors reported in May last year. The company's next-gen VR system will offer a 4K OLED HDR gaming experience, with 2,000 x 2,040 pixels refreshing at 90/120Hz per eye. Unlike the current-gen PS VR with its external camera, the VR2 headset will have four integrated cameras (including IR) for eye and motion tracking.

The system will also benefit from Sony's Tempest 3D Audio tech and boost immersion with a vibration motor in the headset for added feedback. Sony says that in-game sensations like a character's elevated pulse, the thrust of a speeding vehicle, and close calls with objects will register for an enhanced gaming experience.

The implementation seems similar to Razer's HyperSense haptics in the Kaira headset, but this being in VR will likely be even more immersive. Moreover, the headset will have adjustable lenses and deliver a 110° field of view with foveated rendering. It will use a single USB-C cable to connect with the PS5 console and feature an in-built mic and stereo output jack.

Meanwhile, the VR2 Sense controllers with their haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will use Bluetooth 5.1 to pair and recharge via USB-C.

Sony also shared a teaser for Horizon Call of the Mountain, an exclusive title for the PS VR2. This spin-off game will have a new protagonist meeting Aloy and other characters from the world of Horizon, as well as new faces. The game is currently under development by Guerrilla and Firesprite studios.

Skip to 1:24 to see the brief game footage

Sony says to expect more details about the system, which likely means an unveiling of the VR2 headset, along with the VR2 Sense controllers that were revealed in March last year.