In brief: After a very long wait, Dying Light 2: Stay Human finally arrives tomorrow, and with it comes a day-one patch that will add more than 1,000 fixes to the zombies-meets-parkour sequel. The tweaks make such a difference that developer Techland urges anyone with a pre-release version of the game not to play it until the patch is installed.

Dying Light 2 has received mostly above-average or good reviews from critics: PC Gamer gave it 84%, and its Metacritic score is currently 79. Some publications, IGN especially, noted that like so many sprawling big-budget games these days, there are plenty of bugs to contend with, one of which can actually block progression.

Techland tweeted earlier this week that anyone who got access to retail copies of Dying Light 2 ahead of Friday's release should hold off from playing it until the patch arrives tomorrow, allowing them to experience the game the way it's meant to be played.

Techland has now elaborated on what changes that patch will bring. It says the thousand+ fixes and improvements cover all platforms, and it continues to improve the PC version in real-time.

Some of the fixes include one for the progression-blocking bug, which is activated when picking a specific dialogue choice at one point in the game. They also address enemy AI and difficulty levels and "problems with objects and AI sinking into the ground on a flat surface," which could potentially make zombies even scarier.

"Like almost all modern games, our journey as developers doesn't end when we share copies with reviewers or on launch day. We will support Dying Light 2 with new content for at least five years, and at every step on the road, we will actively listen to the community and work diligently to address any bugs discovered as players experience our most ambitious game to date," Techland told PC Gamer. "In this way, as developers devote themselves to serving the community, a game's 'very best' version is always being redefined. Even the version reviewers can play right now is markedly improved over what was first delivered about two weeks ago."

Dying Light 2 is currently the second most-wishlisted game on Steam, beaten only by Elden Ring. Will you be spending up to 500 hours playing it?