In brief: The recently launched Android 13 developer preview seems to bring an enhanced ability to run virtual machines. One user pushes that to the limit by running Microsoft's latest desktop operating system on a smartphone.

Over the weekend, Android and web developer kdrag0n demonstrated a virtualized Windows 11 running on a Google Pixel 6 phone. They accomplished the feat using the Android 13 preview build with a new feature called KVM.

With screenshots and a short video, kdrag0n shows off things like the task manager and a web browser, which seem entirely functional. They even managed to run Doom (using the chocolate Doom source port), playing with a physical keyboard connected to the phone.

Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a virtualization tool that already supports Linux, according to blogger Mishaal Rahman. Google is bringing KVM to Android with Android 13. Android users have been running virtual machines for a while. However, the methods for doing so are becoming fragmented, and Google will use KVM to standardize the process and stave off kernel fragmentation. Google calls its version "protected KVM" (pKVM), as it's supposed to be more secure.

The Android 13 developer preview launched last week. It promises new features like language preferences and increased privacy when dealing with photos or apps. Beta releases are expected in the spring, stable releases in the summer, and a full launch later this year.