PSA: Elden Ring just launched alongside a warning from Bandai Namco that it has some potentially troublesome glitches it is trying to iron out. As long as you are aware of them in advance, none will ruin your experience, hence the announcement from the publisher.

In the PC version of Elden Ring, there are three known bugs. The first is that the mouse is too sensitive "under some conditions." The second involves Easy Anti-Cheat not launching if the player's Steam account name uses 2-byte characters (ex. ÐÆÇØÑ). FromSoftware developers are aware of these issues and will issue a patch for them "in the near future."

The third PC bug concerns frame rate and performance. Under some hardware configurations, the game can slow down and stutter at various times. Bandai Namco assures us that the development team will constantly monitor and improve optimization across different hardware setups. In the meantime, it recommends players be sure they are running the latest graphics card drivers to ensure the best possible performance.

One other problem has been identified, but it is specifically tied to the PlayStation 5 version. This bug is potentially game-breaking if you don't know about it, so the developers wanted to get out ahead of this one.

It seems that if the PS5 is turned off or put into standby mode while a game session is active, data may not save correctly. Turning the system off with a game running is not generally harmful but could cause problems in some games. Standby, on the contrary, is supposed to save your game state so you can pick up precisely where you left off as if the game were on pause.

Bandai Namco says developers have pinpointed what is causing this "phenomenon" and are working on a patch. In the meantime, players can avoid the bug by exiting the game, which automatically saves progress. The publisher recommends doing this frequently, especially when planning to power down or enter standby. FromSoftware should have a patch for this issue soon.