In brief: Most new hardware from Razer typically bathes in RGB and is heavy on the wallet. However, the company's latest streaming accessories are refreshingly restrained in terms of design, though still priced at a premium.

The new Sieren BT is a clip-on version of Razer's streaming mic, meant for mobile streamers or those on the move with selfie sticks or tripods. Priced at $100, this Bluetooth mic handles background noise suppression with a windsock and can also utilize Razer's Streaming Mobile app to configure suppression levels and tweak other settings.

The Audio Mixer, meanwhile, is a 4-channel analogue box for broadcasting and streaming. It has Chroma RGB lighting support and uses Razer Synapse for adjusting audio levels, applying vocal effects and accessing more options. This leads to a more simplified mixer setup, according to Razer, where traditional hardware will have streamers managing multiple third-party apps.

Besides dedicated mute buttons for individual channels, there's also a bleep button for immediately censoring content in case of an unpleasant event during a livestream. The USB-C Audio Mixer comes in at $250 and supports a range of mic inputs, including XLR and optical connections.

Lastly, there's the Razer Key Light Chroma, a squarish streaming light that attaches via an adjustable table clamp mount (2.5 mm to 75 mm) and can go as bright as 2,800 lumens.

This studio light also works with Chroma RGB and has adjustable color temperature in the 3000K - 7000K range. At $300, it's quite a pricey accessory, but perhaps par for the course for serious streamers or those heavily invested in Razer's ecosystem.