The big picture: Netflix has published a top 10 list highlighting the most popular movies and television shows on its platform each week for a while now, but coming to any solid conclusion regarding viewing trends is tough if you're not willing to analyze months of data at a time. Fortunately, Bloomberg recently did just that and came away with some interesting findings.

The deep dive, which involves every top 10 list published since late June 2021, reveals that TV shows account for roughly 75 percent of viewing. That may be surprising, but it makes more sense when you consider TV shows are longer than movies and thus tend to stay in the top 10 list for longer.

The publication further noted that due to Netflix's penchant for binge releasing entire seasons at once, shows don't stay in the top 10 for every long. In fact, the average top 10 show only stays on the charts for a week or two, and less than a quarter of all shows find themselves in the top 10 for more than four weeks.

Also of interest is the fact that foreign-language TV programming garnered more hours viewed than English programming over the observation period, although that metric was a bit skewed due to the global success of Squid Game.

Speaking of South Korea, it's the second biggest supplier of popular programming on Netflix behind the US.

Image credit David Balev