A hot potato: Google's Android 12L feature drop arrived after being delayed for several weeks. Besides a couple of new Pixel-exclusive additions and overall OS refinements, the update has apparently turned down the phone's haptic feedback to such an extent that some users have started missing out on phone notifications.

Over 70 issues were addressed by Google in its March 2022 Android feature drop. Pixel 6/6 Pro users also received Live Captions for calls and Night Sight mode in Snapchat. Meanwhile, general improvements to the OS saw the addition of several UI + usability tweaks, including an app pairs feature, optimizations for tablets and foldables, and a refined widget picker experience.

Google also introduced enhanced haptics as part of this update, allowing for increased feedback while using the Pixel Launcher app drawer, scrolling through the Recents app menu, and dismissing apps. However, it seems that in spreading haptics across more parts of the OS, Google has inadvertently turned down the vibrations so much that some users have started missing their calls and notifications altogether.

The issue, as reported by 9to5Google, saw several Pixel 6/6 Pro users take to the official Google forum and Reddit. Despite turning the vibration to maximum, one user said they barely felt it while receiving notifications, while others remarked their Pixel's haptics had weakened following the update.

Google is yet to respond to this development, though a fix can be expected in the coming days or weeks. Software rollout for the Pixel 6 line has been somewhat less impressive than the phones themselves, but given the absurd amount of features and complexity on Android (or iOS), it's become more of a norm for updates to fix and break stuff.