What just happened? Intel finally lifted the lid on its Arc laptop GPUs this week, which included the A370M from the Arc 3 series. The performance numbers it showed off weren't too revealing as they compared Arc to its own integrated graphics solutions, rather than the competitors' products, but AMD has stepped in with its own benchmarks comparing the A370M to its entry-level Radeon RX 6500M laptop GPU, and it's good news for team red.

The comparison slide was posted by the official AMD Radeon RX Twitter account. It highlights how both the Radeon RX 6500M and Arc A370M are built on TSMC's N6 node, though Intel leads the transistor count with 7.2 billion while AMD's offering has 5.4 billion. The ACM-G11 GPU features eight Xe-Cores while AMD's Navi 24 XM processor has 16 Compute Units. Both have 4GB of GDDR6.

The chart compares the two GPUs across five games running at 1080p: Hitman 3, Total War Saga: Troy, F1 2021, Strange Brigade, and Final Fantasy XIV. All were at medium settings apart from Strange Brigade, which was set to high.

According to the chart, the Radeon RX 6500M decimated the Arc 370M. Every one of the games managed over 80fps using AMD's GPU, while no title running Intel's product could achieve this feat. Most ran at least 30 fps faster on the Radeon, with F1 2020 increasing its frame count by 114%.

AMD, of course, never gave any specifications about the laptop hardware used in the test, nor did it reveal TGP levels and game/driver versions, so the results are likely a best-case scenario for team red.

Only the Arc 3 entry-level GPUs are available in laptops right now, with the higher-end Arc 5 and Arc 7 line set for a summer release. We're expecting the desktop cards to also arrive sometime around the end of Q2; Intel gave us a first look at the Arc Limited Edition Graphics yesterday.

h/t: Tom's Hardware