WTF?! For months, PC users have awaited Intel's attempt to bring customers a third option in the dedicated graphics market dominated for decades by AMD and Nvidia. Intel fully unveiled its Arc series mobile GPUs at the end of March - when they were supposed to launch. A week later, that launch has seemingly been pushed back for most territories.

Since Intel's initial announcement of the Arc series last August, its earliest products were expected to arrive in the first quarter of this year. Last month the company confirmed the laptop GPUs were coming on March 30 - technically the very end of Q1. However, stores like Amazon and Newegg haven't listed them yet. Best Buy currently shows one model - an HP with an Arc A370M - without a release date.

When Game Union TV asked Intel when Arc GPUs would be available, Intel Support initially tweeted that they would arrive before the end of Q2. Then, it revealed that Samsung models with Arc GPUs had already launched, but only in South Korea.

Currently, Samsung's Korean store has a Galaxy Book2 Pro with an A350M, the most basic Arc card. It's likely the same laptop that leaked shortly before the supposed Arc launch date. According to a Korean YouTuber (via Tom's Hardware), it's quite a bit slower than Nvidia's GTX 1650, but Intel is likely still improving its drivers. Intel says other regions will receive Arc laptops in the coming weeks.

Intel Support's mention of late Q2 probably referred to the mid-range A550M as well as the high-end A730M and A770 which are coming in early summer. That's also when Intel's desktop GPUs are expected to launch.