Why it matters: When it comes to continuous video recording, as in the case of CCTVs and dashcams, storage/memory durability matters a lot more than sheer transfer speeds. After all, the existence and survival of evidence leading up to an unpleasant incident are crucial. It's why microSD cards with high endurance are preferred when setting up video recording devices so that replacements are few and far between. With the highest capacity 256GB variant of its new Pro Endurance microSD series, Samsung claims a lifespan of 140,160 hours, which means continuous video recording for 16 years.

Durable storage has been on Samsung's radar lately. Having recently launched the T7 Shield portable SSD, the company has now introduced an updated Pro Endurance line of microSD cards for long-lasting reliable operation in CCTVs, dashcams, bodycams and doorbell cameras.

Made with enterprise-grade NAND flash memory, Samsung says a single Pro Endurance card can last 33 times longer than one of its EVO Plus models of the same capacity. This figure, and the claimed 16-year lifespan, refer to the top-end 256GB variant that's now available for $54.99, in addition to three other variants coming in at 32GB/$10.99, 64GB/$14.99 and 128GB/$28.99.

Unsurprisingly, lowering the storage capacity also reduces the number of hours you'll get of continuous recording, as well as the warranty period. The cheapest 32GB card has a 2-year continuous recording lifespan with a 2-year warranty, the 64GB doubles that lifespan with a 3-year warranty, while the 128GB version is good for up to 8 years of continuous recording and comes with a 5-year warranty like the 256GB model.

In terms of microSD speed class and performance, the 32GB and 64GB models are rated Class 10 UHS-1 V10, making them capable of 720p/1080p/4K recording with their 100MB/s max read and 30MB/s max write speeds. The larger capacity variants, meanwhile, offer 100MB/40MB read/writes per second and are ideal for capturing higher frame rate (60/120fps) Full HD and 4K footage with their Class 10 UHS-3 V30 rating.

Regardless of storage capacities, Samsung has included "six-proof" durability on the new entire Pro Endurance line. The newer versions now get added protection against wear-out and accidental drops, alongside proofing measures found in the previous generation against water, extreme temperatures, magnets and X-rays.