Something to look forward to: It's been almost three long years since the fifth season of the excellent dystopian sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror arrived on Netflix. Thankfully for fans, the streaming company is reportedly working on a sixth season, with casting currently underway.

Real-life comparisons with previous Black Mirror episodes have become worryingly common in recent times, from gun-carrying robot dogs (Metalhead) to Meta's eye-tracking advertising tech (Fifteen Million Merits, one of Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya's early roles).

Season five arrived on Netflix in June 2019. And while it boasted a cast that included Anthony Mackie and Miley Cyrus, it wasn't received quite as warmly as previous seasons—the fact it featured only three episodes didn't help.

Now, Variety reports that casting is underway for a sixth season, and it will have more episodes than its predecessor. It's also said to be more cinematic in scope, suggesting high production values and runtimes that exceed one hour.

The hiatus is partly due to its creator, former PC Zone writer Charlie Brooker, and creative partner Annabel Jones leaving production company House of Tomorrow, which was backed by Endemol, to form Broke and Bones. The rights to Black Mirror stayed with Endemol, stopping any more episodes until Netflix came to an agreement with its new owner, Banijay Group.

Brooker and Jones were behind the hilarious year-in-review shows Death to 2020 and Death to 2021, while Brooker was also responsible for Netflix's interactive trivia experience, Cat Burglar.

Black Mirror started life on the UK's Channel Four back in 2011 with controversial episode The National Anthem, which involved the country's Prime Minister being forced to get intimate with a pig while the act is livestreamed. Two seasons and a Christmas special were shown on the channel before Black Mirror moved to Netflix in 2016.