What just happened? Netflix, in collaboration with Sennheiser, is adding support for spatial audio to a number of its hit original shows including Red Notice, The Witcher, The Adam Project and the latest season of Stranger Things. The upcoming live-action Resident Evil series due out on July 14 will also support spatial audio.

The streaming video giant is working with German audio specialist Sennheiser on the rollout, and will use its AMBEO technology to convert standard stereo audio into an immersive surround sound-like experience. Netflix is the first streaming platform to use the tech, we're told.

The idea is to create a more enveloping experience that further brings the viewer into the story. The subtlety of sound can often go unnoticed, especially if you relying on a basic two-channel stereo system or integrated TV speakers.

"Netflix spatial audio helps to translate the cinematic experience of immersive audio to any stereo," the company noted.

Netflix said the tech is compatible with all devices, meaning it doesn't require dedicated surround sound speakers or expensive home theater equipment. Furthermore, it is available across all membership tiers and is enabled automatically with no user changes required.

To try it out, simply enter "Spatial Audio" in the Netflix search bar to see a list of supported titles. A quick check on our end revealed more than two dozen supported titles but that'll vary depending on your streaming device.

Image credit: cottonbro