What just happened? Porsche has set a new lap record for production EVs at the infamous Nürburgring-Nordschleife in Germany. The Taycan Turbo S, which blitzed the 20.8-kilometer racetrack in just a hair over 7 min 33 secs, was a standard production model fitted with a performance kit. This helped the Taycan dethrone the Tesla Model S Plaid that previously held this record with a lap time of 7 min and 35 secs.

The Nürburgring racetrack has been home to decades of vehicle testing and benchmarking, and a place where automakers continue to push the limits of ICE and EV models for bragging rights. The latest feat has been accomplished by Porsche, whose Taycan Turbo S four-door posted the fastest lap time for a production EV yet.

The Taycan's completion time of 07:33.350 min is just over two seconds quicker than its main rival, the Model S Plaid. Tesla's flagship sedan posted a lap time of 07:35.579 min in September last year, which arguably could have been even better if the driver wasn't holding on to the 2.1-ton car (and his life) with a yoke wheel, and instead had been given a typical round steering wheel.

As for the Taycan Turbo S, Porsche notes that the car was an entirely standard production unit. However, the EV still had to be fitted with a roll cage and racing seats to meet track requirements. Porsche also equipped it with a performance kit comprising road-approved Pirelli P Zero Corsa sports tires, which the company says have a racing tire-like compound for improved, stickier grip on the track.

The car's chassis was tweaked as well, with a software update for Porsche's 4D Chassis Control system, allowing it to work in harmony with the new tires. Given that this Taycan variant is a series-production car, Porsche says that its performance kit will only be available in Germany and only for 2023 Taycan Turbo S models. The EV itself began production in late July, while the record-setting performance kits are expected to become available by the year's end.