WTF?! The classic line that humor is subjective is undoubtedly applicable to the world of video games. Some may love the cleverness of Grim Fandango, The Stanley Parable, or The Secret of Monkey Island, while others might find Goat Simulator or even Postal more to their tastes. But perhaps Squirrel with a Gun will be the game that unites everyone with its universal appeal. Or maybe not.

In fairness, Squirrel with a Gun does look very funny. The game's name explains the premise: you play as one of the furry nut-loving creatures, but this one can carry and operate guns. Not an appropriately sized gun, mind you; this is an actual, full-sized handgun, which is basically what makes it so amusing.

The trailer sees our gun-toting hero running around with a variety of firearms. At one point, it's wielding an Uzi in a somewhat threatening manner, demonstrating how the recoil of the guns can be used to lift the squirrel into the air.

Said squirrel is also shown taking down several Matrix-style agents, one of whom is seen engaging in melee combat with the creature. There's another scene in which the rodent appears to be mugging someone at gunpoint.

There are also puzzles in the trailer, and it seems that you'll be able to dress up the main character. One section shows it wearing a headband with some tiny, cute ears that cover his actual tiny, cute ears.

Squirrel with a Gun, created in Unreal Engine 5, is the work of indie developer Daniel DeEntremont, who describes it as a sandbox game that focuses on exploration and shooting combat.

How much you enjoy Squirrel with a Gun could depend on whether you liked Goat Simulator. That 2014 title started life as an online joke before Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios turned it into a wildly successful game, despite the average reviews. Its success was aided by an appearance on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus and has led to a sequel called Goat Simulator 3 (there's no Goat Simulator 2), launching later this year.

The Squirrel with a Gun Steam page lists its release date as simply "Good Question!" so expect it to be a while before the game arrives.