Something to look forward to: Since Microsoft unveiled its first Xbox Elite controller in 2015, users have wondered when or if Sony would respond to it. We now have our answer with the DualSense Edge, which appears to mirror the Elite controller's extensive customization options.

On Tuesday, at the Gamescom Opening Night Live press conference, Sony unveiled the DualSense Edge controller --- a new PlayStation 5 controller to answer Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller. The Edge's feature list promises a similar high-end experience, offering more customization options than a standard controller.

Microsoft released the Xbox One Elite controller in 2015. The premium-priced controller allows players to tune its feel and behavior with several new functions. Users can use a companion app to reassign buttons, adjust stick sensitivity, and customize trigger behavior. A "hair trigger" feature lets users set the shoulder buttons to activate at shorter pull distances, decreasing response time which could help during fast-paced games. The controller also came with four interchangeable back paddles for extra inputs, three swappable sticks of different styles, and two interchangeable D-pads. All these features came on top of higher build quality to prevent wear and tear.

The Elite Controller Series 2, at $180, added more perks in 2019, including improved grips and an even shorter optional hair trigger. It also brought more customization options for the sticks, paddles, and bumpers.

For years Sony hadn't provided a similar choice for PlayStation owners willing to pay more for controllers, but third-party manufacturers have.

The DualSense Edge promises many of the same features as the Elite, including adjustable buttons, sticks, triggers, and new back buttons. Like the Elite, the Edge lets users swap the sticks and back buttons. However, the Edge only has two back buttons to the Elite's four paddles.

Edge owners can build and save separate controller profiles for each game since a competitive shooter like Call of Duty might work best with different settings than an RPG like Horizon Forbidden West. An "Fn" button will let players quickly swap between profiles, access the customization menu, and test settings during gameplay.

Sony says it will provide a launch date for the Edge in the next few months but didn't mention a price.