Something to look forward to: The first "DLC" for CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 was a big letdown consisting of just a few cosmetic changes and very little new content. Fortunately, CDPR has been working on a true expansion pack and finally released a few details and a teaser for it today.

As we previously reported, Cyberpunk2077's first story expansion is still a ways away, slated for sometime next year. However, that is the total of what we knew about the upcoming content drop --- until now.

On Monday, CD Projekt Red released a one-minute teaser for Cyberpunk 2077's first narrative-driven add-on, Phantom Liberty (above). The teaser's visuals are primarily cinematic, with brief glimpses of gameplay. However, it doesn't reveal much of the storyline. About all we get is V taking an oath to serve "the New United States of America," something Johnny Silverhand says is a "bad idea," dubbed over some action sequences.

One scene shows what appears to be several augmented Secret Service agents lying dead on and around the Seal of the President of the United States of America --- perhaps in Airforce One, but it's hard to tell.

The light-on-deets YouTube description says Phantom Liberty is "a spy-thriller expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 set in an all-new district of Night City." So players get a new story and missions plus a whole unexplored section of the map.

Phantom Liberty will only be available for PS5, XBSX, PC, and Stadia. Notably, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are absent from the listing on the trailer --- a fact that CDPR failed to mention when it first revealed the add-on in April. However, this should not come as a huge shock.

On release, CP2077 was mostly an unplayable "dumpster fire" on last-generation consoles. The studio worked hard to push patches to at least make PS4 and Xbone versions passable, but the increased work and risk of failure of a last-gen compatible DLC might not be worth the studio's effort.

The game's first expansion pack is already facing a more than two years post-release launch window. Ditching the complication of making a bug-free version for older consoles is probably in CDPR's best interest, especially considering that one last-gen update to the core game bricked it on those unfortunate to have the PS4 disc version.