Facepalm: If you're an executive at a high-profile company, say, vice president of procurement for Apple, making a comment about "big-breasted women" while being filmed for a TikTok video is probably an unadvisable move, no matter the intentions. Just ask Tony Blevins, who will soon be the former vice president of procurement for Apple.

Bloomberg reports that Blevins made the regrettable statement in a September 5 video for Daniel Mac, part of a series where the TikTok and Instagram creator asks owners of expensive vehicles what they do for a living.

Blevins was coming out of a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, which can be bought for between $300,000 and $500,000, at a Pebble Beach, California, car show when Mac asked about his occupation. "I have rich cars, play golf, and fondle big-breasted women, but I take weekends and major holidays off," Blevins said, adding that he also had a hell of a dental plan.

@itsdanielmac Quite the occupation this man has ✍️ #mercedesbenz #supercarstiktok #slr #car ♬ original sound - DANIEL MAC

It appears that Blevins was trying to repeat a quote from the 1981 movie "Arthur," staring the late, great Dudley Moore (top). The actual line is: "I race cars, play tennis and fondle women, but I have weekends off and I am my own boss." Blevins appears to have included the big-breasted part himself, inadvertently adding another nail to the coffin of his 22-year Apple career.

Apple prides itself on being a company with values that include workforce diversity and female empowerment, so this sort of language from one of its execs is unlikely to make Tim Cook chuckle.

Some members of Apple's operations and procurement teams reported the video to the human resources department. Following an internal investigation, Blevins' team, which, according to Bloomberg, included about half a dozen direct reports and several hundred employees, was taken away from him. Apple has now confirmed he is leaving the company.

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by my mistaken attempt at humor," Blevins' said.

Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams was reportedly the one who decided the so-called "Blevinator" should leave Apple. The COO will now take over his old team.

According to a 2020 profile by the Wall Street Journal, Blevins' job was to get the best possible deals from Apple's parts suppliers. He'll likely be a significant loss to the company, but Cupertino must believe the potential damage to its image if he stayed would be worse.