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Ammo manufacturer can't make extra artillery shells because TikTok data center is using all the electricity

"We are concerned because we see our future growth is challenged by the storage of cat videos"
WTF?! TikTok often makes headlines over claims that its user data is shared with the Chinese government, but it seems the company is also having an unintended (or possibly intended) impact on one of Europe's largest ammunition manufacturers.
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Deepfake Joe Rogan video promoting testosterone pills spreads on TikTok

Would you be fooled?
WTF?! With the advancement of artificial intelligence's ability to recreate digital versions of people and simulate their voices, aka deepfakes, there are concerns about the technology being used for nefarious purposes, like putting words into politicians' mouths. Right now, though, it's being used to create a fake Joe Rogan that sells penis pills.