Facepalm: Overwatch 2's problem-filled launch continues. Blizzard says it is looking into a bug in the multiplayer FPS that's causing PCs to shut down. It's unclear what's causing the issue, but suggestions include the game overheating CPUs, memory leaks, and conflicts with specific antivirus software.

The first reports of the issues arrived on Blizzard's forum around ten days ago. In addition to shutting down a PC, others write that they've experienced restarts, freezes, or a Blue Screen of Death.

Blizzard acknowledged reports of the bug in a tweet that reads: "We are currently investigating an issue with computers restarting or shutting down while playing #Overwatch2."

Technical forum agent Jambrix is asking those affected to aid Blizzard in its investigation by posting their DXDIAG. They also posted instructions on how to do this and advised using Pastebin if the DXDIAG is too long.

People have been speculating about what is causing the issues. A user called Azgorath claims it is a result of Overwatch 2 spiking CPU temperatures to the point where a system shuts off to protect itself; their Ryzen 2700x reached over 100 degrees Celsius when they were in the queue to get into the game. A different user believes the problem is related to a memory leak, and there have been reports of the BSOD showing dpc_watchdog_violation errors.

PCMag writes that Jambrix suggests this all stems from "a specific situation where 360 Total Security" causes some PCs to shut down or restart while playing the game, so uninstalling the antivirus software could fix things. As for the Blue Screens of Death, Jambrix suggests it may be related to Nvidia Broadcast or any program that uses RTX Voice.

Overwatch 2's launch makes Cyberpunk 2077's release look smooth by comparison. A DDoS attack on launch day resulted in massive queues and many people unable to access the game. The SMS Protect 2FA system meant those with pre-paid phones couldn't play the game. A chat bug charged users randomly for skins without informing them. And Blizzard had to pull and fix characters due to players exploiting them.