Something to look forward to: What happens when you mix a hitman, a puppy, a healthy serving of vengeance, and more guns than you can count? You get John Wick, a successful action film franchise begging for a proper video game adaptation. According to Lionsgate's CEO, fans and gamers may soon get an opportunity to experience Wick's visceral reactions in a brand new way.

Most John Wick fans have no problem agreeing that his vengeance-fueled reaction was completely justified. It's a simple fact of life: you don't mess with someone's dog, let alone a puppy.

Since the first film's release in 2014, the John Wick franchise has successfully delivered three films, is slated to deliver two more, and even spawned a well-received action-strategy game from developer Bithell Games in 2020. According to a recent IndieWire article and Lionsgate earning call, CEO Jon Feltheimer told investors the company is once again looking to expand the franchise and is actively entertaining proposals for a new John Wick-based AAA game.

Despite the mention, Feltheimer remained tight lipped about the idea and clarified that there was absolutely no official plan at this time. During the call Feltheimer stated, "I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but we believe there is a big AAA game to be made out of 'John Wick.'"

Feltheimer later told attendees, "We have been fielding proposals. We certainly are interested in moving that forward, but I don't want to say anything more about that at this time."

Feltheimer's use of the specific term AAA title leads us to believe that the team at Lionsgate is looking for a big game with an equally big budget.

If developed, the new game wouldn't be Wicks' first appearance in the gaming world. Bithell's John Wick Hex gave fans the ability to methodically dispatch enemies in a well-animated, timeline and strategy-based action title. The gun-fu expert has also made several stops in the Fortnite item shop, with the first appearance dating back to May 2019.

The John Wick series has stayed the course and maintained momentum since the original film's 2014 release. Given the franchise's success, continuously expanding universe, and Wick's unique combat style, the franchise has all of the elements needed to create an action-packed visual gaming masterpiece. But until a real decision is made, we'll have to keep looking forward to Chapters 4 and 5 of the franchise, the first of which is currently slated for release in March 2023.